Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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A World Where Grades Will Be Left Behind

In this article, USA Today celebrates its 30th Anniversary by interviewing some of the USA’s greatest visionaries to discuss about the world of tomorrow. USA Today sat down with Google VP Professor Sebastian Thrun to discuss the future of education. Thrun made two points on the future of education:

1. Learning will be just as fun as playing video games.

2. Grades will not exist.

Thrun discusses that the way we learn now will be highly different then the way we learn in the future. He said that in the future, learning will be just like a playing video game, such as today’s popular app game “Angry Birds”. Thrun then goes on to say that grades will not exist for students. Grades will become a thing of the past. Students will be able to master a skill or show they understand a concept at their own pace.

Reading this article brings many questions to mind. Where do I stand as a future educator?  How will a student's progress be measured if no grades are given?  As a future educator, I do not believe grades should be eliminated from the education system. I believe that grades should still be given in school because grades are a measure of what a student has mastered.

One section of this article that I enjoyed reading about was a metaphor Professor Thrun discussed about choosing a blue pill or a red pill, in terms of education. If you choose the blue pill, you return to class and lecture to students but if you decide to take a gamble and choose the red pill, you see your class in a new light and make some changes to your class. Overall, this article has given me a new outlook on what the future holds for educators.

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