Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blog Post #11

Ms. Cassidy teaches first grade in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. She has been using technology in her classroom for the past ten years. She incorporates tools such as Nintendo DS, lap tops, and the SMART board with students in her class. Students in Ms.Cassidy’s class use technology for many educational purposes.

Little Kids...Big Potential by Ms.Cassidy's Class

In this video, students discuss how they use technology in Ms. Cassidy’s class and how they connect with other students around the world. Students use Skype,which is an online video chat, to interact with other classrooms or an expert to learn more about a particular topic. Ms. Cassidy’s students had a skype session with a geologist, who discussed with them about the different types of rocks. Students not only use skype to connect with others, they blog as well. Ms.Cassidy mentions how she protects her students from harmful sites, when they are online. She tells her students to use only their first name for their blog and to click on sites that she has mentioned.

Skype Session With Dr. Strange

In this video, Dr.Strange and his students ask various questions to Ms. Cassidy over skype. Ms.Cassidy mentions that current and future teachers need to keep up with technology, so they can enhance the way that they teach. She also mentions that teachers should start connecting and building their personal learning network, so they can share new ideas with other educators.

Ms.Cassidy had great advice throughout each video. One technique that I would like to use in my future classroom that Ms.Cassidy used in hers is skype. I think skype would be a neat tool to use in the classroom with students because students can learn more about a topic by connecting with an expert or by connecting with another classroom around the world.


  1. Stephanie, I enjoyed your post very much. You did a great job summarizing each video and I like how you included an introduction about Ms, Cassidy at the beginning. I too would like to utilize Skype in my future classroom. I love how you can set up interviews with virtually anyone around the world. Kids would be so excited to be able to talk to someone living in a different culture.