Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blog Post #12

For this week’s blog post, Dr. Strange asked EDM310 students to create an assignment that he would have assigned to students. As I sit here and think, what kind of creative assignment can I come up with that Dr.Strange hasn’t already assigned. I begin to do some research on the web, while brainstorming new ideas. I came across two videos on YouTube, which I felt was appropriate for EDM.

Here is my assignment that I created:

1. Watch Why Implement Technology into the Classroom? Discuss this video and your reactions. Follow the requirements in Writing A Quality Blog Post.

2. Watch ABC World News- What Makes A Great Teacher? Discuss this video and your reactions. What do you think makes a great teacher? Explain your thoughts. Follow the requirements in Writing A Quality Blog Post .

This video explains how fast technology has evolved and how technology has made its way into the classroom.  Today, classrooms are not based upon pen and paper. Classrooms are currently set up with technology based tools, which enhances the learning process for students. Even food corporations are keeping up with the rapid rate of technology, such as McDonalds.

As a future educator, I must keep up with new technology that is out today in order to understand new technology tomorrow. I find it amazing how much technology has changed over the last decade.  I remember when CD players came out, which was the hip thing then. Now, there is iPods and iPads that can do so many neat things. It’s unreal! This video is a reminder to not be discouraged from new technology, but to learn and use it to the best of your ability and share it with students and colleagues.


This is a short news segment on ‘ABC World News’. ABC World News follows two teachers, who believe they have the secrets to success. Both teachers state, the reason behind their success in their classroom is they set high goals for their students. These two teachers work strongly with their students, so students can achieve their goals and succeed among many other things.

I believe a great teacher is someone who pushes their students towards success. A great teacher must encourage each student and help guide them toward a better future. I think it is important for teachers to learn new things, whether it may be new developments of technology or new ways to teach a lesson. Overall, teachers should thrive to be lifelong learners.


  1. Hi Stephanie,

    I really loved your creative assignment! I would enjoy doing this assignment as a blog post! The videos contained knowledgable facts that would be great for an upcoming teacher to know! I've read over your blog post and could not find any mistakes! I think overall you did a amazing job! Keep up the great work!

    Hillary Hamlin

  2. Stephanie,

    I haven't seen the ABC special. Nice. I think it's always good for future educators to evaluate why they want to teach and how they can be effective educators.