Monday, November 5, 2012

C4K Summary for October

C4K #3 Max

On Oct. 7, I commented on Max’s blog. Max is in the 4th grade in Ms.Dunlop’s class. He discussed in his blog post on how he likes playing football during the fall because it is fun sliding through the leaves and drinking hot chocolate after playing a couple games. I told Max that I enjoyed fall because of the cool weather and of course football games. I asked Max if he had a favorite college football team and if so, who were they? He did respond back and said he liked Penn State.

C4K# 4 Courtney

On Oct. 14, I commented on Courtney’s blog. Courtney is in the 12th grade. She is a student in Mr. Gwaltney’s AP U.S. and Comparative Gov. Politics course, located in Oregon. She discussed in her blog about the first presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Romney. I told Courtney that she did a wonderful job on her reflections of the first presidential debate.

C4K #5 Austin

On Oct. 16, I commented on Austin’s blog. Austin is in the 5th grade at Scott Hagedorn Chicago Suburb. He wrote about the history of The Liberty Bell in his blog. I asked Austin if he had been to any historical sites in the United States. I told Austin that I visited New York City with family a few years ago, and I was able to see The Statue of Liberty. I did not receive a response from Austin.

C4K #6 Marty

On Oct. 28, I commented on Marty’s blog. Marty is from Alberta, Canada. He discussed in his blog that he is not too fond of the Eiffel Tower but he likes to play hockey. I told Marty that I liked that Eiffel Tower and would love to see it one day. I asked Marty if he played any other sports besides hockey, he did not respond back.

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