Thursday, November 29, 2012

C4K Summary for November

C4K#7 Dr. Vitulli and Dr. Santoli

On Nov. 4,  I commented on Dr. Vitulli and Dr. Santoli blog post titled 'Strolling down Merrion Road in Dublin'. They discussed their trip to Ireland in their blog post, which they took over Fall break. They shared some pictures of local places in Ireland, such as the Guinness pub. I told Dr.Vitulli it looks like they are having a great time. Also, I told her I can not wait to hear about her trip when she arrives back from Ireland.

C4K#8 Aspen H

On Nov. 11, I commented on Aspen's blog.  Aspen is in Mr. Boylen's 8th grade LA class. He discussed in his blog about his trip to Colorado, where he visits his cousin. He talks about how he and his siblings and mom had to take a train up to Colorado.  I told Aspen that I have never traveled by train before and found it interesting that he and his family traveled by train. I asked Aspen if he had been to the Grand Canyon, since he mentions seeing canyons in his blog post. I did not receive a response back from Aspen.
C4K#9 Susan

On Nov. 18,  I commented on Susan's blog. Susan is a student in Mr. Cometti's World History class at Roberts Dale High School. She discussed in her blog about Veterans Day.  She mentions about her great grandfather and how was a mechanic, as well as, a pilot on bombers during WWII.  I told Susan that my great grandfather, grandpa, and dad each served in the military. I told her that my great grandfather served over in France during WWII and that my mom his shadow box, which includes some of his medals from WWII. I asked Susan if she had any memorable items from her great grandfather? She did respond back and said that she did not have any personal items from them, but she heard so many great stories about her great grandfather from her great grandmother.

C4K#10 Ms. Nelson's 4th Graders-Rosa Parks Video

On Nov. 25, I commented on Ms. Nelson's 4th graders blog video titled 'Rosa Parks'. Ms. Nelson's students collaborated together and made a video about historic people. The historic people consisted in the video are Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, and Governor Bently. Ms. Nelson's 4th grade class actually got to meet with Governor Bently earlier this year. I told Ms.Nelson and her students that I enjoyed watching their video! Also,  I told Ms. Nelson and her students that I liked the sound effects that went along with each historic person.

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