Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blog Post #5

The iSchool Initiative and Zeitgeist Young Mind's Entry
Travis Allen discusses in his video “The iSchool Initiative” how he could change the future of education through iSchool. Instead of students spending tons of money on school supplies, like paper, students can learn in a more eco-friendly way by iSchool. Through iSchool students can access textbooks, homework assignments, and much more all through a touch screen devise.

I agree with Travis Allen and his idea on the future of education. I think iSchool would be great for students, teachers, and parents. Teachers can keep up with their students more and students can access their assignments a lot easier. Also, parents can keep track of their child’s progress at school. All in all I think Travis Allen has a valid point, however, I do not think everyone is ready to make that change just yet.

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 
Wow! I do not even know where to begin. I have never seen such an awesome creation put together. It was neat how all the students were separated from one another. What made it really interesting is once students started performing individually; their voices soon came together as one. I never would have thought of a choir ever becoming a virtual choir. Everyone must see!

Teaching in the 21st Century by Kevin Roberts
Kevin Roberts Teaching in the 21st Century was an eye-opening video to watch. I never thought about students not asking me for help, since I am the teacher. One thing that really grabbed my attention was “Students do not need to be entertained they need to be engaged.” I feel like this is true as to what does it mean to teach? Teaching shouldn’t be something where you entertain students with information. Teaching should be about engaging students with information, so they can learn something valuable.

Katie Gimbar- Why I flipped my classroom? and Dr. Lodge McCammon's Fizz- Flipping the Classroom
I thoroughly enjoyed watching these videos. I definitely want to flip my classroom as these teachers did to theirs. I do not want to lecture to my students like some teachers tend to do. I want to engage my students in the material being discussed and have them ask questions. I think this type of teaching style will come in handy not only when I begin teaching, but for all current and future educators as well. I encourage everyone to check out these videos.

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  1. Stephanie,

    This is a good post but I would like to see a little more written. Maybe you could go in more detail at some parts. You seem to have found these assignments to be very interesting and educational. Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir is quite amazing. However, I want to add that this choir did not record at the same time, instead each individual sent in a recording of themselves singing and then all of the videos were put together as one.