Sunday, September 23, 2012

C4T#1 Summary


iPads in Education Slide Decks

Silvia Tolisano’s blog post was very informational. Mrs. Tolisano states why iPads can be helpful in the classroom through a listing of slide shows. In these slide shows, Silvia says how iPads are not just something that kids can play games on. iPads can be used for reading,creativity, and much more.
My response to Silvia’s post was concise. I enjoyed the slide shows made by Mrs. Tolisano. I thought her slides gave a great outlook on how helpful iPads can be in the classroom. iPads can be used for all sorts of things such as reading, writing, and creativity.

Twitter HOTS & Establishing aTwitter Routine in the Classroom 

Silvia Tolisano's second post was highly informational and full of resources.  In this post, Mrs. Tolisano discusses how to incorporate the use of Twitter with students in the classroom.  Tolisano mentions in her post about Terry Heick and his Twitter Spectrum.  Terry divides his tweets into three sections:
  • Watch
  •  Talk
  • Produce
Watch is considered a stepping stone for younger students.  Talk and Produce are targeted for middle and high school students but can be adjusted for younger grades.  Mrs. Tolisano exclaims that by tweeting with our students, we expose them to:
  • Social net working strategies
  • Support their growth as global digital citizens
  • Model focused, clear writing
 Response: My response towards Mrs. Tolisano’s post was amicable.  I thought her post was very informative and full of great resources.  Twitter is a great tool to expose to students inside and outside the classroom.

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