Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blog Post #4

 1st Graders Create Their Own Read-Along AudioBook

In this blog, I learned how first graders collaborated and recorded stories onto Podcasts. Each student recorded his or her part, then it was added to a Podcast by the teacher.  Students could then listen to the stories that they had read aloud using an iPod or other MP3 device. This makes reading a lot more fun, since each student was able to participate and helped create the Podcast. I think this is beneficial for students because they are learning how to read and collaborate with each other while incorporating the use of technology.
The Benefits of Podcasting in the classroom by Joe Dale 

 I was unfamiliar with Podcasts or Vodcasts until watching this video. There are many great benefits for using Podcasts in the classroom:

1. It is an effective way of interacting with students inside and outside the classroom.
2. It can offer distance learning opportunities for absent students.
3. It promotes creativity and learning.  Parents can see and hear what their children are doing at school.

I appreciate how Podcasts are accessible for students anytime and anywhere. For example, if a student misses school, he or she can download the class material to an MP3, iPod, iTouch, iPhone, iPad, and still be able to keep up with the class while out sick.

Judy Scharf Podcast Collection

This is a helpful site for those who may not be familiar with Podcasts.  Judy Scharf gives a great explanation of Podcasts, as well as step by step instructions on creating a Podcast and uploading it to iTunes. I have learned a lot by browsing on her website. I am more informed about Podcasts which will be beneficial when I begin recording my own Podcasts.  I strongly encourage anyone who is unfamiliar with Podcasts to check out this website.


  1. Stephanie,
    Your reflections on the videos were well written and concise. My only suggestion is to add more detail to you analyses; they were generalizations and didn’t have specific examples to clarify them. For example, your statement, “It promotes creativity and learning”, is an accurate generalization, but you should give at least one example demonstrating how “it promotes creativity and learning”. A correction would be: make “Parents can see and hear what their children are doing at school” into item number four in your list. All in all great job.

  2. Stephanie,

    I agree with Molly. This post needs just a little bit more detail. However, it appears you found these resources helpful and beneficial when you work on your own podcast. Good job on the clickable links and alt and title modifiers on your picture.

  3. Stephanie,
    I thought you did a great job with your post. I found it to be informative as well as well written. I agree that podcasting is a great way to get the children learning while incorporating technology. I also agree that podcasts are a great way to reach students who may have missed class. I didn't see any grammatical or spelling errors. I also liked how you encourage others to use the information found on the Judy Scharf page. Overall, great job.