Friday, October 5, 2012

C4K Summary for September


On Sept. 23, I commented on Frank's blog.  Frank is in the 5th grade at PT. England School, which is located in Auckland, New Zealand. Frank’s favorite thing to do while in school is to write. In Frank’s recent blog post, he discussed his sorrow for one of his former teachers, Mrs. Verry; who is retiring from teaching this year. He was saddened by the news of Mrs. Verry’s retirement but he understood why she was retiring.

Some of Frank’s classmates performed a special dance for Mrs. Verry during her retirement ceremony. I asked Frank what kind of dance his classmates performed, since I was uncertain of a Samoan dance. I told Frank that I like to play a dancing game called Just Dance on the Wii system. He did not respond back to my comment. However, I still thought it was neat that his classmates performed a dance for Mrs. Verry.

You can check out Frank’s blog up above!


On Sept. 30, I commented on Jade's blog.  Jade is an 8th grader in Mrs. Krebs class. She enjoys the outdoors and likes to go four-wheel riding. Jades recent blog post was about her personal belongings that she cherished as a child. She mentioned The Parent Trap as her favorite movie growing up. I told Jade that my favorite movie growing up was Beauty and the Beast.

I asked Jade out of the following items she claimed were her favorite, which was her most favorite item and why? Jade did respond back to my comment. She said her baby blanket was her most favorite, since she treasured it heavily as a young child.

You can check out Jade’s blog up above!

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