Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blog Post #13

Brian Crosby 

Brian Crosby is a teacher at Agnes Risley Elementary School in Sparks, Nevada. He discusses in this video TEDxDenverEd-Brian Crosby-Back to the Future about how some of his students were unaware of common known things, such as their home address. Some of theses students are living in poverty and are unable to express their creativity. Mr. Crosby wanted to improve the lives of these students. After sharing his story about his students, Mr. Crosby shows a picture of his students two years later. Mr. Crosby's students were exposed to many technology tools and were using them regularly in the classroom.

One part of this video I enjoyed is when Mr. Crosby discusses about his students being able to participate in a hot balloon project. Students attached a video camera onto a hot air balloon and received feedback through their class flickr account. Mr. Crosby assigned his students, to write about this experience from beginning to end on their blogs. I would defiantly like to do a lesson like this with my future students.


A Vision of Students Today

This video gives an inside look of students going to college today. Some of the students featured in this video hold up signs or a laptop stating a message. One student holds up his laptop with a message that reads "I buy hundred dollar textbooks that I never open." I can relate to this as a student.

At a teachers standpoint, I believe teachers can impact students more by using other resources, such as technology. Students need to be engaged in lessons. So, why not use tools that students are familiar with like Google, facebook, and YouTube . I think teachers should incorporate technology into a lesson, since our generation is becoming more and more technology based. It may cost more to add a SMART Board into a classroom, but think of how much more a teacher can engage his or her students.

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